LafargeHolcim, Mannersdorf (AT)

A TEC has built a new calciner for Lafarge Holcim‘s plant in Mannersdorf, Austria.The new calciner is erected in an 80m high tower next to the already existing heat exchanger tower.

In the pre-combustion chamber the raw meal is preheat- ed to 880°C by the waste heat of the rotary kiln. The ‘Schwanenhals’ (German for ‘swan neck’) of the calciner ensures that the calorifc value of the applied material is fully utilisedBy using modern technologies combined with innovative process know-how.

A TEC will further increase LafargeHolcim’s plant performance in Mannersdorf (Austria). The main target is to achieve an increased kiln output with coarse and lower calorific fuel up to 100% AFR. In addition CO-emissions will be lowered and a reduction of pressure drop in the preheater tower will be achieved. A higher separation efficiency of the top stage cyclones comes along with an increased production capacity.  As an EPC contractor A TEC covers all crucial steps from engineering to supplying equipment and plant construction.

The execution of the project was done in collaboration with the Czech company Aliacem s.r.o. Přerov.