Coal Mill

Coal Mill Dedusting

For coal mill drying gas dedusting, HURRICLON® is the only really efficient solution available. The major challenge results from the extremely fine dust in the drying gas stream, usually extracted from the preheater exit gas.

Conventional cyclones as well as special design “multi-cyclone” separators are frequently applied, but do not deliver satisfactory results. From experience, conventional cyclones reach in this application maximum separation efficiency of 30% to max. 40%, with pressure drop between 120 to 160 mmWg or more. Multi-cyclones reach separation efficiency of up to 45%, with pressure drop between 150 to 180 mmWg. Major disadvantages of multi-cyclones are high maintenance requirements and costs.


For this application, HURRICLON® technology proved to surpass the above mentioned alternatives considerably. Typical separation efficiency values of 60%-75% with pressure drop between 70–90 mmWg for standard design are normally achieved.