Hurriclon® and Cyclones

HURRICLON® and Cyclones

HURRICLON® and Cyclones

A TEC cyclones stand for best efficiency, best pressure drop reduction, less space requirement.


The Low Pressure High Efficiency Cyclone is a cyclone of the “next generation”. It is based on the technically superior characteristics of the double dip tube design combined with the integrated HURRIVANE® technology.


Applying HURRICLON® guarantees:

  • Substantially reduced pressure drop of 50% and more compared to conventional cyclones
  • Significant savings on energy consumption of ID fans and the possibility to increase the production proportionally
  • Significantly increased separation efficiency of up to 98% for particles between 5 µm and 30 µm
  • Less dust in the "clean gas" from the cyclone, consequently less dust and less erosion wear on downstream facility equipment and less material loss in the process
  • Considerably smaller dimension of cyclone


Due to the double dip tube design, high gas volumes can be handled by HURRICLON® with nearly half the diameter of a conventional cyclone. In many applications the desired level of gas flow volume can be achieved with a single separator where otherwise more cyclones would be necessary. This together with the smaller size of the HURRICLON® results in considerably fewer costs for peripheral equipment like pendulum flaps, rotary valves, ducts as well as for steel construction and wear lining and it reduces the static weight load on the supporting structure.


  • HURRICLON® cyclones have been successfully applied in more than 150 installations worldwide in the cement-, lime-, dolomite-, gypsum-, timber-, sugar-, foundry- and other similar industries with substantial operation cost savings and process efficiency improvements.