Rocket Mill

Rocket Mill RM 2.50 double

Rocket Mill RM 2.50 double

The Rocket Mill is A TEC’s innovation for alternative fuel preparation which combines drying and grinding in one step. The machine is equipped with two grinding chambers which can be independently loaded. Permanent control of the mill power guarantees optimum and secure utilization. The input material usually only requires one pre-shredding step followed by a sieving step, which is sorting out the organic,and a magnetic separation.

Interchangeable perforated screens will adapt the size of the final product to the optimum for the customer´s pyro-process. Due to the grinding technology, a drying effect of approx. 10 % is given. Additional drying with process waste gas is possible to achieve a higher drying rate. The ultra-fines are dedusted and also dosed to the kiln system.


  • Size reduction from 250 mm to 15 mm in one grinding step
  • Drying effect of 10% during operation
  • Improvement of ignition properties due to a change of physical properties (higher specific surface)
  • Separation from heavy items, FE- and non-FE materials
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy maintenance
  • No knifes
  • Reduction of conventional fuel costs
  • No further grinding step necessary
  • Separation of FE and non-FE materials
  • Different output fuel particle sizes for main burner and calciner possible


  • Significant reduction of wear, manpower and electricity costs
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Requires only two fuel preparation steps
  • Separated FE and non-FE materials can be fed back to the recycling process
  • Reduction of coal consumption