Rocket Mill

A TEC Rocket Mill 2.50 Single

A TEC Rocket Mill 2.50 Single

The Rocket Mill is A TEC’s innovation for alternative fuel preparation which combines drying, grinding and homogenizing in one step. Even compound materials such as wind rotor blades made of GRP or CFRP can be processed. The above-mentioned properties are also an essential and important parameter for further process steps when processing biomass.

A significant advantage of the A TEC Rocket Mill is that the raw needs to be pre-shredded only, and heavy impurities such as metals shall be removed. During the shredding process in the A TEC Rocket Mill, residual heavy materials are further separated from the finished product, such as metals, stones and other impurities. This offers the advantage to increase the fuel quality by an increase of the calorific value of the materials shredded for fuel production. If used for recycling applications, the separation of different materials allows a better downstream separation of materials.

Due to the special shredding technology (impact shredding), the absolute residual moisture is reduced about values to up to 10% compared to the raw material. To achieve an even further reduction in moisture, an additional drying step can be carried out using process waste gas or process waste heat.
Impact comminution increases the specific surface area of the end product, which in turn significantly improves the ignition and burn-out properties of refuse derived fuels in particular.

Especially in the production of alternative fuels, the end product of this shredding process is a high-quality alternative fuel with which significantly higher substitution rates can be achieved.


- Shredding from 250 mm to up to 2 mm possible with certain materials in just one shredding step
- Drying effect during grinding
- Improvement of ignition properties due to a change of physical properties (higher specific surface)
- Separation of foreign materials possible
- No knives
- Product particle size can be p adapted to the application and changed if necessary, e.g. for the production of alternative fuel in cement plants (e.g. different particle size for kiln burner vs. calciner)


- Dries, shreds and homogenizes in just one step
- None or minimal upstream material preparation required
- Low wear costs
- Easy to operate
- Low maintenance costs and downtimes

 Advantages for the downstream process:

- Maximum substitution of fossil fuels
- Reduction of fossil CO2 emissions
- Reduction of fuel costs
- Homogenisation and refinement of the substitute fuel or alternative fuel
- Heavy materials, FE and non-FE metals can be fed directly into different material streams during the recycling process thanks to separation in the Rocket Mill
- Separation of the different materials for easier separation in downstream recycling processes


Types of products:

 A TEC Rocket Mill 2.50 single


 Test plane A TEC Rocket Mill 2.00 Single

The A TEC Rocket Mill 2.00 Single is in operation as a test plant with a drive power of 315 KW. The system is equipped with a feeder adapted to the mill for the raw and feed material, as well as a separate dedusting system. The test plant is characterised by the fact that larger quantities of input material can be fed directly from a truck moving floor trailer to the mill and the finished material can then be fed back into a truck moving floor trailer. The customer has the option of feeding his own material to the test plant and transporting the finished product back to his lorry.