A TEC faces: Dr. Stefan Kern

21.09.2016 - The crucial factor of A TEC's success are our employees. Read more about A TEC's deputy managing director and area sales manager Dr. Stefan Kern.



Fourquestions to Dr. Stefan Kern


  • How long have you been working for A TEC? 
    I have been working for A TEC for 3 years now. I started in August 2013 and was sitting in Krems where the former headquarter was. A few month ago I moved to our carinthian office in Gödersdorf.


  • What is your job at A TEC?

    My job is multifaceted. On the one hand I am deputy managing director of A TEC and on the other hand I work as an area sales manager for northern and eastern Europe as well as Thailand and South Africa. Additionally I work as a project manager in special cases.



    What is your daily business right now?
    At the moment I am realising (planning ?) mainly bypass projects and projects for alternative fuel preperation. There is one ongoing project in Denmark, where two new seperate line calciners are build for a 4,500 tpd production line.


  • What was the most extraordinary project you’ve ever realized?
    A reconstruction project in Libanon 2014 for project execution and plant investigations in Mexico for sales