A TEC faces: Christoph Lackner

08.11.2016 - The crucial factor of A TEC's success are our employees. Read more about A TEC's design engineer Christoph Lackner.



Four questions to Christoph Lackner

  • How long have you been working for A TEC? 
    I have been working for A TEC for 11 years now. I started in July 2005.


  • What is your job at A TEC?

    In my daily business I create 

    drawings and layouts for various projects as well as associated weight determinations. At times I also handle smaller projects independently.



    What is your daily business right now?
    I am working on the calciner modification in Mannersdorf (AT) right now. This is a very huge project and it takes up the most of my time. Besides I finalize some offers.


  • What was the most extraordinary project you’ve ever realized?
    My first trips to Mexico and Zambia were very exciting for me and I vividly rememeber when I had to stay in Malaysia for 3 months. Another challenging project was the one we did for Jura Zement because it was the first one I did on my own.